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Behavioural Assessments for Care Roles

The experience of residents and clients is totally dependent on the quality of staff employed to assist, support and care for them. 

With CDC and NDIS placing more control in the consumer’s hands, hiring the right people has become pivotal to an organisation’s commercial performance. Selecting staff has elevated from a risk management process to a business sustainability issue…


So how do you identify the right people? People with the values, commitment and resilience necessary to support your clients and enhance your reputation in a consumer driven market?

Behavioural screening offers one of the most effective and efficient methods to identify appropriate staff for frontline roles. As Aged, Community and Health specialists, we offer online behavioural assessments. One of our principal tools, Care Advantage, is used by a large number of providers to assist in making informed decisions around the selection, development and performance of their staff. 


Clarity before you decide.

Care Advantage consists of four short, online assessments that can be used independently or in any combination to see if an applicant (or existing employee) has the personality, job fit, attitude and resilience for a care role within your organisation. 

The annual unlimited-use licence ensures Care Advantage is affordable and can be used at the top of the selection funnel, saving you time sifting through resumes. The assessments can also be used during the employee life cycle to identify leadership skills, measure engagement, to support on-boarding and for training purposes.

Proven Results

Screening for behaviours and values in addition to traditional methods such as work experience and qualifications, has proven results. Major research studies show that behavioural screening delivers employees who stay longer, are more reliable and perform better. Additionally it provides:

Reduced turnover, fewer hiring mistakes, streamlined recruitment processes
Increased performance and profitability
Increased employee and resident / client satisfaction
Provides invaluable insights into key characteristics and behaviours of frontline staff before they are hired – improving the quality of hire
Equips your organisation with high calibre people for critical roles
Reduce duty of care and recruitment risk

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