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The knowledge and expertise to identify, attract, assess and deliver quality candidates.

When recruiting, candidate experience and capability are fundamental components of a successful placement. In the care sector, individual values and behaviours are critical additional assessment for successful performance.

Are you winning in the war for talent – at all levels?
Changing needs in the sector have significantly altered the traditional candidate profile at all levels
Demand has increased – through demographic and market forces – for staff at all levels, creating a War for Talent
New Entrants as well as mergers and acquisitions impact the size and quality of candidate pools at all levels
Separating what a candidate knows from what that candidate can achieve is critical

This understanding is the basis for all our recruitment support for clients.

Care Source Recruit manages your staffing requirements, including:

High volume (bulk) and outsourced recruitment projects
Nursing, Allied Health and Clinical supervisory staff
Subject Matter Experts (Dementia, ACFI, Case Managers)
Senior Management and Executive roles.
We deliver results because we:
Understand the issues confronting our clients
Understand the staff competencies required for success in the sectors
Match candidate and client values to provide effective fit and foster retention
Have an established position of trust with clients and candidates providing a strong referral base which gives us fantastic “reach” to identify candidates
Have effective processes to attract, assess and screen for quality and fit in a decreasing pool of candidates

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