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The fastest way to identify frontline care talent

|| 3 minute read || An empowered consumer environment presents a unique opportunity for organisations in the sector, particularly those that are nimble, innovative and able to consistently identify the right frontline staff. How this is done, ironically enough, can be explained by how Donald Trump stunned the world by becoming the 45th President of the United States of America.

The impact of a behaviour and values-based approach to recruitment and retention in the Care Sector

|| 4 minute read || A values based approach to recruitment and retention is about finding and keeping people who have the right values and attitude to work in a care environment. This report provides an assessment of the longer-term impact by capturing changes in key business performance indicators such as staff retention, absence and performance measures.

Behavioural Screening – also for frontline staff

Behavioural Screening as Part of Selection – Delivering Quick, Cost Effective Results Much has been written about the growing staff and skills shortage facing the sector. This is clearly a priority issue, but with staff turnover in the sector averaging 25% for frontline care roles the issue compounds, accelerating the War for Staff we are watching unfold right now. Solutions are often complex requiring a “national” response, however significant inroads can, and have been made “locally”….