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Our GM’s thoughts on the ACSA Summit 2016

|| 2 minute read || We were there to listen to these leaders, make connections, catch up with friends and to help other providers thrive with improving their workforce. I have asked the General Manager of Care Source – Gaylene Hawkins – to share her insights on the conference.

Frontline Staff Challenges

… in Aged Care At the start of June we attended the NIMAC (Nurses in Management – Aged Care) Conference, where we learned, connected and shared with other care providers and people working in the sector. One of the things we wanted to learn from this conference is what challenges other care providers are experiencing with their frontline workforce. So we conducted a quick survey and put the findings in this info-graphic.

Interview No-Nos!

(And how to turn them into Yes-Yes!) We all know to prepare for an interview, to not be late and dress appropriately, but have you considered these interview no-nos? Please, do NOT… Take your parents, sibling, aunty, best friend etc to an interview! Yes we have seen this happen and it does not look good. Do catch up with them after the interview and discuss all the things you should have said. Wait till the…

Behavioural Screening – also for frontline staff

Behavioural Screening as Part of Selection – Delivering Quick, Cost Effective Results Much has been written about the growing staff and skills shortage facing the sector. This is clearly a priority issue, but with staff turnover in the sector averaging 25% for frontline care roles the issue compounds, accelerating the War for Staff we are watching unfold right now. Solutions are often complex requiring a “national” response, however significant inroads can, and have been made “locally”….

“NO” to Resume Waffle

I received a lovely email the other day from a candidate which I met and placed over 5 years ago, and with her permission I would like to share some of it with you: “You have no idea just how successful a placement you made that day way back when. Thank you so much. You know I was just updating my 2 page resume the other day and I thought of you. It is still…

Be like “John West”

Who would want the fish that John West rejects? After over 16 years in senior management roles one thing I took away and believe in passionately is this: to be successful you need the right people with the right skills in the right roles. The most valuable asset in any company is staff! So why is it that we are so ready to hire new staff without truly knowing who they are? Would we introduce…