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Struggling to find good care staff? Look beyond online job boards!

For certain jobs, finding the right staff is a breeze. Unfortunately, most care roles are hard to recruit for due to a limited candidate pool (as often seen in rural areas) or – on the opposite side of the coin – because of the sheer number of applicants. A large quantity doesn’t necessarily mean good quality applicants and sifting through hundreds of resumes can be very time-consuming.


Changing the way you search and target potential applicants can change the quantity and quality of your pool, often improving your options.


Over 35 different ways of sourcing care workers have been identified in the book Saving Social Care. If your focus for sourcing applicants has primarily been online job boards then we suggest you keep on reading as you may be missing out on some great care employees.


Not only targeting active applicants but getting to those great care workers who are passively looking for new opportunities, can assist your organisation with sourcing better staff.


Download our e-book “Saving Social Care – Sourcing Creatively” to get details on 7 different sourcing methods so you can start finding more and better care staff.

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And if you find sifting through a large stack of resumes too time-consuming, have a look at our online pre-screening tool, used at the top of the recruitment funnel, which is helping a large number of providers, big and small to focus on those applicants more likely to be better care workers.

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