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Our GM’s thoughts on the ACSA Summit 2016


September 2016 – Hobart
Choose to Thrive

It has been less than a month that many sector leaders and specialists gathered at the ACSA National Summit. This year the picturesque and always inviting city of Hobart provided the backdrop to which these sector experts shared their experiences, innovations and stories around the theme “choose to thrive”. A fitting theme in these violent times signified by major policy changes, an increasing ageing population and a tight workforce.

We were there to listen to these leaders, make connections, catch up with friends and to help other providers thrive with improving their workforce. I have asked the General Manager of Care Source – Gaylene Hawkins – to share her insights on the conference:

What 3 things (topics, people, quotes, presentations, products) from the conference have stuck with you?
I have more than 3 but if I had to pick them it would be KinCare’s CEO Jason Howie’s presentation especially around the scale of disruption in the sector. The second would be the need for companies to review their staffing for capability not purely based upon skill level, and the general feel at the conference that people are taking an active role in the change underway in the sector.

Care Source had a trade stand at the conference, what was your main service offering?
We were launching one of our decision support tools, Care Advantage which provides clarity of people’s values and behaviours during the recruitment process.

What were some of the workforce challenges discussed at the conference and the trade booth?
There were quite a few common themes discussed. The two most common by far were the challenges of recruiting frontline care staff who you were confident would be the right face for the organisation and the second would be the issue of knowing who to promote and retain.

In which direction do you think providers and organisations in the sector have to move to if they choose to thrive in light of the changes and challenges?
I think they need to move to a focus on values and behaviours to be successful. With the talent pool shrinking, it is really important to identify, recruit and retain the best people.

Will you be there at the LASA conference in October?
Most definitely, we are really excited to hear more from our clients and hear from amazing speakers.

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