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How about a helping hand? The inside scoop on outsourcing HR activities

A helping hand in challenging times turns a frown upside down

Gone are the days when people join an organisation, and stay there for life. Ten years ago, if you saw a resume with significant movement on it, it raised a red flag. These candidates were seen as a flight risk, and pushed to the bottom of the pile. Nowadays, people are moving from one job to the next, chasing better work/life balance, better money, career development, or they are searching for something more, perhaps an entirely new industry or career path. Employers still look for stability, however the way in which we identify and on-board people has changed dramatically.

Take a look at the healthcare industry for example. It is currently undergoing significant change, in its funding structure as well as its service delivery model. Should you visit an aged care service provider’s website, you will inevitably see statements such as “Leaders in Aged Care” or “Award winning Service Providers” who talk about innovation and their commitment to forging a new model of client care. “All wonderful” I hear you say – “about time!”

Unfortunately, due to skills shortages and reduced funding, some providers talk-the-talk, but are finding it harder to walk-the-walk. This is where utilising specialist HR and Recruitment consultants can make a big difference for your workforce, your time and your sanity. We give you 3 benefits of outsourcing parts of your HR activities.

1. Tap into a large sector network

Specialised HR and Recruitment consultants network daily with industry professionals, discuss the ins and outs about new jobs and where roles are heading and liaise regularly with innovators, some of whom may be your direct competition. These connections and relationships are forged over many years and many parts of the country (and world!) and often lead to a much deeper insight into company strategies, workforce developments and potential candidates.

2. Insights into matching values on top of required skills

With staff shortages, the need to drop task based recruitment, and move to a behaviours and values based model, is clearly leading the charge. Of course, you still have essential skills and education which need to be verified, however the importance of a worker’s values and behaviours and how that can impact on your business, is paramount. With the growing social media presence, and the ability for individuals (be they staff or clients) to voice their grievances to potentially millions of people, employers and service providers need to look much more closely at those they choose to represent their organisation and promote their core values.

Wouldn’t you prefer to go to a trusted friend, someone who knows what you like, what you need, and is able to connect you with one or two really great individuals, who they can vouch for and verify they are as good as they say they are? Give you a GUARANTEE no less? It’s nice to have a choice, but sometimes you just need that one well-appointed introduction – quality vs quantity. This trusted friend will have spoken to candidates and will have found out about their values as well as skills and qualifications. In addition, the use of behavioural assessments to get an even greater insight into candidates on different levels has proven its worth on many occasions and not just as part of the recruitment process. With the use of behavioural assessments, specialist HR consultants are also able to help you identify your high potential employees, where development needs are and how engaged your workforce is. Handy!

3. Get to those candidates who are NOT actively job hunting

Another key benefit of using specialist HR and Recruitment consultants for recruitment purposes, is that you also gain access to those people that are not actively looking for a job, but have indicated to their chosen industry specialist during conversations, that they are open to hearing about anything which may be of particular interest. This is the fundamental difference, and for those who value their business, reputation and future success – it is often the chosen path!

As HR specialists we understand the importance of the HR function in any type of sector. As specialists in the care sector we have seen the positive effects of the helping hand we have lent to those HR departments struggling to keep up with the funding changes + the service delivery model changes on top of staff shortage challenges. So if you feel your HR function can use that extra pair of hands, let’s connect!

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